Qable Oyle Teth Cruclepot
Vital statistics
Title Crucle, Crazy Crucle, Crazy-Eye Crucle, Crucle-Crackpot, Strykes' Literal Bitch
Gender Male
Race/Species Dire Doggard (Doggardus dirus)
Faction Strykes' Partner, Villains Act (Formerly), Space Knife Collaboration (Dissolved)
Description Mentally Insane, Bloodthirsty, Bad Insulter, Strykes' Mindless Fanboy, Apparent Follower of the Ablorios Style of Living (I.E. Not Wearing Pants, Despite the Commonality of Animals like Chip & Dale Not to Wear Pants and the Ability of Genitraction)
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Massive Marksmanship Skill, Strength, Reflexes, Insanity Grants Pain Tolerance But Still Has Limits, Guns
Status Imprisoned on Oranos
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Bastro Town, Bartoy (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Gorra System) (Hometown)
Alignment Crazy Evil

Qable O.T. Cruclepot is an Alternate UUniversal Doggard from Planet Bartoy. He is the equally-insane canine assistant of Strykes who helps him in his quest to be the 'best villain' in the Villains Act, and unlike Strykes, he is mentally challenged and barely sane, and yet can be oftentimes annoying to even his own master.


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