Cruel Fate

Cruel Fate

Cruel Fate is an Alternate UUniversal Magi Lony from Equaria. He is the older and overly insane brother of Tempera Shift who formerly participated as a combat-capable scientist fighting with his father Crushed Fate until his death in the hands of Conquerius. Worst, he died after a fight that caused him to disown him and he failed to make it up to him. Driven mad by abandonment and cruelty, Cruel became a rogue overlord and the head of a rogue illegal company out to heal the chaos brought by Conquerius and created the Omnicorns, super soldier Omni Lonies who were meant to be his army and police out to pursue his goal. He even brainwashed his own mother Twisted Fate who was thought to have been killed into being the general of his army. He currently seeks to find his two sisters Tempera and a secret one named Last Fate, aiming to brainwash LF into another pawn and use Tempera's immunity to magic spells to improve his goals to rule the world to protect it.


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CF Omnilony

Cruel's Omnicorns

Cruel is one of the remaining members of his family with an intact horn and his magic experience is extremely advanced. He is also a genius in science and technology, creating the best and worst of superweapons. As ex-military, his strategic intelligence is just as top-notch as his mother and Tempera. He also has acrobatic capabilities, and is a highly-trained combatant.

He carries a high-grade hoof-held computer called an oBuck, while is connected to the Omninet. This allows him access to virtually anything. He also possesses an ISD inside his chest plate which stores limitless supplies.

His most infamous and trademark creations are his legion of artificial Omni Lonies called Omnicorns. Born from injured, ruined, dead, depressed, or rather suicidal lonies, these creatures are 75% pure magic, are hiveminded monstrous instinctual soldiers that do as Cruel commands. With their limitless and adaptable supply of magic, the Omnicorns are almost omnipotent. They can regenerate, self-resurrect, see and hear things across the world, and can use flawless spells. In numbers, the Omnicorns are virtually unstoppable.


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