Crumble of the Teer Empire is the 7th Episode of the 4th Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. The Heroes Act are informed that another villain needs to be stopped by the name of Teer Val VIX, a former Crinathashan prince who had once been the heir of his father's throne until a criminal action against his people left his position disbanded and taken by his sister. Teer then ran away, became an evil sorcerer, and created his own evil empire that did slave trades with the Villains Act after taking over 7 cities. With the Villains Act gone, Teer was forced to keep the rest of the slaves to himself. With Samantha and Magnum's power, they were able to capture Teer, thanks to having magic levels slightly stronger by 2 points then Teer's seemingly nasty and powerful dark magic, and finally end the empire. He was locked up on the AFTs of Oranos for life, but Aurlena discovers that Teer was actually not as villainous as expected. His actions were not exactly out of malicious intent, though he didn't deny the dark magic he had may've tampered with his intent and morals "a-slight", but because the crime he committed, the murder of a neighboring kingdom's ruler, was one he was framed for. He was on a date with the ruler's daughter, Princess Avilina at the time, yet he had no proof that he was since Avalina went missing at the time, and had never showed up ever since. She calls the Lodgers to help her investigate this, along with the Heroes Act, who while they didn't fully object to Aurlena's request to investigate this further despite being skeptical of it, they knew better not to ignor a potainional cry for help, even if it's from a "rotten prince" and an assumed "Va Benifactor", not completely ignoring most of his actions was caused of dark magic being a nasty bitch on him. They discover that the king wasn't really dead, only he was shot by a death-ray-like teleportation beam that fooled everyone into thinking it was a murder, and the perpetrator removed all evidence of his involvement, including Avilina, and made sure the evidence pointed to Teer. The king and Avalina were since enslaved by anti-monarchy rebels, lead by Teer's family's rotten advisor, Grand Vizier Kabra Ku, who wanted to bring democracy to a 'long medieval and primitive' planet, and does it by making both of the planet's most powerful nations look like disgraces that'll eventally provoke a devastating war powerful enough to create a democracy all under Kabra's rule. It's up to the Shell Lodgers and Heroes Act, to stop Kabra and save the two kingdoms and Crinathasha from war.


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