Crystal Agency Symbol

Crystal Agency Symbol

The Kratosian Crystal Agency, abbreviated CA, is a fictional espionage agency published in Kratos' XD Comix. The CA was created by Grotch during the days of the Omnitrix War in order to help clean up unsolved cases and help keep peace in Kratos. The agency has gone through several losses in their agency, including their first leader getting replaced by her son, Commander Hierarch. Their most successful and recent agent is Agent Mathis, a Superior cormorant who has struggled to do what's right in his comic series, and has never lost a single battle. The Agency has made several enemies throughout the years, some murderous, some deceiving. Their toughest enemy was Mathis' first arch-nemesis, Grigmor Waxplaxer, an interdimensional power-hungry villain who was almost able to take down the Crystal Agency in his last appearance, as well as all of Kratos. They even made a few allies, some of them being other XD Comix heroes.


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  1. Commander Hierarch
  2. Agent Mathis
  3. Captain Halogen
  4. Doctor Bismuth
  5. Doctor Jade
  6. Nurse Euclase
  7. Agent Nitro
  8. Agent Maroon
  9. Private Thinner
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