Crystle Giselle Reece

Crystle G. Reece is a human teenage girl that hails from the world of Revolur, and is a devoted villain enthusiast who was raised by a single mother and had a father who was a villain enrolled at Hivemind University until he was killed in action by police officers since he refused to heed to them at gunpoint. Later on, her mother died of Huntington's disease when she became 15, causing her to be put into adoption by her grandparents. She later heard that HMU was threatened to be shut down, and so she was secretly able to get enrolled since the staff recognized her as the daughter of another student. Throughout her life, she studied various levels of villainy, and learned enough to become the second valedictorian behind her new crush, Lucius, and due to this accomplishment, she is made a partner to Lucius, much to his displeasure. At first she goes well until she realizes that it had corrupt guidelines that she was not ready for, as other students, and even the faculty, threw her into the detention center for outrageous and unfair reasons. So she agreed to help some heroes take it down and just be a villain enthusiast, and even convinced Lucius to tag along. Soon, the two would accomplish this after several other feats along the way, and become an engaged couple.


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