Csamar Trig Frash
Csamar Frash
Vital statistics
Title Sailor Frash, Husband of Sacen Axxus (Future)
Gender Male
Race/Species Chowdary's Unotter (Agamuspoia chowdariis)
Faction Independent Hero Sailor, Captain Axxus' Crew (Future)
Description Swashbuckling, Bold, Carefree, Clever, Wise-Cracking
Skills and Abilities Semi-Aquatic Animal, Excellent Marksmanship and Melee Combat, Martial Artist, Acrobatic, Armored Flexi-Suit, Fatherly Cybernetic Titanium Armlet, Phaser Pistol and Battle Rifle, Curvtana (Curved Hook-Like Sword), Sticky Grenades, Grappling Hook, Electro-Binoculars, Health Syringes, Solar-Powered Archmage Spaceship, Hoverbike
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Wyrtlewater Falls, Ovenga (Eta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Homeland)
Alignment Good

Csamar T. Frash is an Alternate UUniversal Unotter from Planet Ovenga. He was raised by corrupt pirates, and was always told by his parents that he was meant to be a plunderer and a pillager. But Csamar didn't want to be like all Ovengan pirates because he was born with a peaceful heart, and instead of being a pirate, he decided to be a renegade space-sailor who does odd jobs for money. He even had bad tidings with the fierce space pirate Captain Morgue, who the two have a very personal history with eachother. But when Morgue ends up trying to commit a terrible deed on Ardalicron, Csamar decides to prove to the planet that he is not like his parents, ultimately defeating him and getting into a relationship with Sacen Axxus, even though they at first end up going sour on each other.


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As an otter-like creature, Csamar is semi-aquatic and can swim very fast and hold his breath underwater for a long period of time. He was also trained by his corrupt parents in melee combat and marksmanship. He is an excellent martial artist who is incredibly agile and acrobatic, and has proven multiple times that he doesn't need any help when doing his job. He wears a red, black, and gray armored suit, and has a left arm covered with a wearable cybernetic armlet made of titanium which his father used in his old pirate career.

Csamar only carries three weapons: a small phaser pistol, and a large phaser battle rifle, and a curved sword called a curvtana, which can either stun enemies or stab them depending upon the edge facing the opponent. He also carries several sticky grenades. He is also equipped with a grappling hook, some electro-binoculars, and health syringes for healing.

He flies in a small red, yellow, blue, and grey ship called the Archmage, which he uses to travel the cosmos searching for bounties. It is equipped with solar sails that power it's fusion-based Gatling-gun turrets which fire blasts that explode upon impact, replenishing it's ammo through a minute of sunlight exposure. The ship also comes with a deck with an invisible force field that keeps in oxygen, and it even has a hangar which carries Csamar's personal hoverbike with the same color scheme as the Archmage.

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