Cthass Nethra Grass
Cthass Grass
Vital statistics
Title Supreme Vizier Grass
Gender Male
Race/Species Seron
Faction Seron Empire
Description Communist, Intolerable of Incompetence, Mean, Sneaky
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities
Status Long Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Imperial City, Serotice (Hometown)
Alignment Evil

Supreme Vizier Cthass N. Grass was an Alternate UUniversal Seron from Planet Serotice. He was known to have been the supreme advisor for Emperor Crox-Cor Raether, and was the head of his many other viziers who catered to his every whim. However, they were secretly planning a revolt against him, and Cthass was intending to bring both the Serons, and their Cunone allies, into communism. He ended up murdering the prince, Prince Breek, and he ended up overthrowing Crox-Cor through death and taking over, and once word reached the Cunones, a war broke out which lead to both races avoiding each other. This resulted in Cthass's death as a new emperor took back the throwne given the lost of both the previous and the heir. The Grass family has since forsaken Cthass out of being remorseful. All but their troubled child black sheep: Blass Grass. The threoies behind Cthass's reasons are a hot-topic debate even in modern AUU socity, but it has been commenly agreed that it was simply the fault of Crox simply refusing to revitalised a forsakened Seron-Communisum belief of "Seronisum", the belief that The Serons and any who befriend and benifit from, and to them, are more equil then the unallied, where the unallied must only served. The Cunones brought the Serons out of the belief cause communisum is too easily an abuseable system by tyrants and greedy money mongers. This action lead to loyalists like Cthass to try to revive it, but it was Cthass who ended up being the one who became too extreme, and paid the price. There's even reports that said throey is likely to be true with the uncovering of Cthass' lost journels, which even today are still being decoded and de-crypted.

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