Cubic Zirconia, AKA Nora Universe, was a Gem from the Homeworld of the lore of Steven Universe. Based on the theories of Spinel before the release of Steven Universe: The Movie, she was an artificial Gem created by the Diamonds to replace Pink Diamond after she was presumed to be shattered. This Pink Diamond was much different than Pink. She was cold, mean, strict, and less childish. But then the Diamonds came to the realization that she would never truly replace Pink. Looking at her face only reminded them of why she exists. Thus they decided it was best to shatter her. Outraged, Cubic unleashed tears of red biopoison that destroyed their original home in the Diamdlands and aimed to go to Earth to do the same thing there, poisoning and killing all organic life in the process. Worried this would garner a horrid reputation, they presumably shattered her. But she actually used a fake to escape and ended up suffering a small crack on her Gem. With her powers she was able to maintain her form, but sacrificed her sanity in the process. Then when she found out that Pink Diamond was actually still alive, she was angry and wanted to destroy her for good, believing she was to exist for her goal to replace her, aiming to escape to Earth and unleash her tears of death. But after nearly doing it, she was nearly shattered by Steven himself with a Breaking Point, the only weapon that could defeat her, but it was meant to teach her how important organic life can be. Realizing how wrong she was, she takes the Breaking Point and shatters herself, redeeming herself by admitting the universe would be better off without her. She was a cunning, strategic, and relentless adversary, even tormenting Steven by taking the form of his 'sister' Nora, which was what he would've been named if he had been born a girl. Her insanity is matched by her mastermind intelligence, and her ability to cry a red corrosive toxin capable of harming all forms of life, organic or otherwise, and possesses a more violent version of Blue Diamond's sadness field, which not only causes crying, but also pain, agony, and a slow death, which was a parallel to Rose Quartz' healing tears and Steven's healing saliva.


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