A pony named Shock Culture comes into Ponyville, claiming that changes have to be made after the Storm King attack proves there's holes in their culture and tradition that could be taken advantage of. He is thus immeditately dubbed as "A Male Tempest Shadow" and "The Ass of Equestria" for his tendingcy to not exactly explain his critques of traditions, even if legit flaws aside, in the nicest and gentlest ways possable and has the subtily of admitting his issues with them on par of Icky when he's angry enough, times 990000. Nopony makes good friends with him after he is an insufferable jerk about tradition including Ponyville's traditional restraint on magic in periods where it's appropriate, where even Death Coffin, as much as he'otherwise 100% agrees with him, is disgusted with his insensitivity, even with the understandable reasons behind his beliefs and how they were born when he had a home village that was destroyed by threats because of their outdated traditions, where he was incredibly concerned about the lack of being a proper country and instead looking too careless and vulnerable, further proven after the Storm King attack. To seek answers on how to convince the 'stubborn' ponies of Equestria, he aims to find the soul of Queen Virginia, the alicorn goddess of tradition, preservation, the hearth, home, and chastity, as the final clue to her location is in Ponyville. However, Tradition heavy towns were attacked by mauradors and bandits under the leadership of Prime Skull, a Panan Satyr hired by Culture Shock to raid and attack villages and places that refused to leave traditions behind, without killing anyone alchourse, in hopes that the attack aftermath would make those ponies "Less Stubbern and more willing to see things more clearly" in while he was looking for Queen Virginia. Can our heroes be able to figure out what is going on here before Shock is able to cheat his way into a Cultural Revolution and bringing forth a a uniformed culture Equestria that could potaintionally undermine Equestria's belief in friendship?

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