St. Eros Heart
Vital statistics
Title Cupid, Guardian of Love
Gender Male
Race/Species Angel Baby Spirit
Faction The Guardians of Childhood
Description Immortal, Tough
Skills and Abilities Archer, Trademark Love-Inducing Arrows, Adequate Fighting Skills, Golden Chariot with Flying Centauresses
Status Alive
Location Rise of the Guardians World
Alignment Good

St. Eros Heart, AKA Cupid, is the legendary bringer of romantic love on Valentine's Day and in the SAFA series, and an OC and a member of the Guardians of Childhood in the Rise of the Guardians world. He is the winged archer and the Guardian of Love who protects the worlds and the childern who believe in him and his fellow guardians: North, Bunnymund, Tooth and Sandy from evil greater then even the Dark Spawn themselfs. On Valentine's Day and the Festival Le Jour d' Amour, Heart's job is to prick children who have sweethearts, have crush on with his famous arrows that contain powerful love magic to to fall deeply in love with the person he or she most desires. And if the person who the boy or girl accepts them, they become soulmates for life. But if the boogieman, Pitch Black threatens to ruin the childerns' chance of finding love as well as their faith and belief in Heart, Pitch better look out for Heart's arrows which are not just for making people falling in love. Like North's sleigh pulled by flying reindeer along with his yetis and elves, Heart has a golden chariot pulled by Centauresses that can fly like the reindeer who are like the Centaurettes from Fantasia but they wear strapless Valentine colored bikini tops and accessories based on greek royalty insted of things found in nature like flowers, leaves, and fallen feathers. Also those Centauresses and small angle girls and boys wearing togas help Heart get ready for Valentine's Day and the Festival Le Jour d' Amour as well as assisting him and his fellow guardians in battle. In Twilight, Spike, Taiku and Alice Saves Christmas when North becomes weak and sick, the yetis are suddenly vicious and have to be locked up, and the reindeer become jerks thanks to Pitch the Boogie Man and Cold Heart the Sadistic planning to ruin Christmas, North has put Heart incharge of the guardians as well as helping Twilight and her friends after the Angel of Light and the Man in the Moon choses them to help the Guardians save Christmas from Cold Heart and Pitch.


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