Egan Orville Tachite
Vital statistics
Title Cursory
Gender Male
Race/Species African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus)
Faction Independent Hero
Description Fictional, Superanimal, Sensitive of Heritage and Past, Easily Confused, No Longer Corruptible
Skills and Abilities Superior-Grade Heckler & Koch MP5K, Super-Endurance, Super-Speed
Status Fictional, Alive
Location Generation Comics Universe
  • Speedtown, Kratos (Fictional Hometown)
Alignment Good

Egan O. Tachite, AKA Cursory, is a fictional Superior African wild dog published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He had become a hero after his father was revealed to be a supervillain named Black Tachyon, who has been smuggling mutoquantonium and was sent to Superior Jail. He does feel horrible for losing a parent, is sensitive of his past, secretly visits him, and even wants to reform him. However, Black Tachyon still won't give in to reforming for his aggression and vengeful behavior. He does meet The Amazing Nine, after they confuse him for his father who they were trying to capture, and they do try to stop his father from causing mayhem to Kratos. Black Tachyon sees this, and tries to seduce his own son into joining his side. His lies start to work, and he eventually becomes a villain. The two start committing crimes, but when things go bad when Black Tachyon starts treating Cursory bad for his naïveté and risk-taking behavior. Once it goes too far, he decides to do the right thing in the final battle, and return to his heroic ways. Cursory, however, still wants to reform his father. So far, he has never been able to do so. Aside from his SMG, his superpowers include super-endurance and super-speed.

  • MCode: SeSsp


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