The UIS sends the Lodgers and Heroes Act to the Cuup-Hed System, the site of various disappearances. The planet of Mephostosis is a gambling metropolis of 20th Century and Cool World style consisting of anthropomorphic beings with inanimate objects for heads of Cartoonworld origin that the heroes discovers a dark secret on. It's ruler, a Siman named I.M.A Daemon, is a criminal mastermind that specializes in subtle crime and con artistry, and by casting away two recent friends and drinkheaded brothers Sip and Slurp, they learn he's an Ehaexon that tricks people into gambling away their souls in exchange for powers that get the best of them and thus get sent to an underground land filled with Ehaexon wildlife and society based on boundless concepts of Faustian bargains including carefree utopias and dystopias. The heroes stowaway into this underground world and have to help them escape and fight off Ima's gamble-themed minions and free his soul slaves who are a lot of gambling losers who also owe debts to Ima and can only be free if they collect, which is clearly impossible and thus they never leave. Now it's the heroes' job to save them.

Theme Song


Cuphead Menu Theme Song

Well, Ol' Sip and his brother Slurp
They like to roll the dice
By chance they came 'pon Ehaxon's game
And Kraan, they paid the price


And now they're fighting for their lives
On a mission fraught with dread.
And if they proceed
But don't succeed




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