The Cybartans

The Cybartans are an elite force of anti-hero cyborgs from the Alternate UUniverses who have originated from the Exo-Wars centuries ago, and have lived for years due to injections of smuggled augmentation serums. They used to work for the evil mastermind who started the war, Dr. Armalite Infernus and were meant to assassinate corrupt CEOs of Globex Industries and correct what they've done wrong. However, when they discovered that Armalite's anger was leading to corruption, causing him to plan to convert Globex into a terrorist organization, they were forced to betray him, and turn him into the USRA, throwing him into Oranos. With Armalite dying of old age, the last of his forces have founded the Inferno Cyberpunks syndicate and recently served the Villains Act. The Cybartans battled them even after the Fall of the Villains Act. However, they have yet to consider an allience with The Heroes Act.


Coming soon...


  1. Captain Bodar- Leader
  2. Arey Limnov- Engineer and Scientist
  3. Gode Arache- Saboteur
  4. Droad Winz- Aerial Stealth
  5. Evin Kniyte- Heavy Ops
  6. Huale Irin- Strategist
  7. Toron Plaser- Sniper
  8. Sarb Sawmer- Agent
  9. Uoro Bladir- Agent
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