Caera Forr Kaniety
Cyber Caera
Vital statistics
Title Cyber Caera
Gender Female
Race/Species Swamp-Stalking Drak (Toroviraptor swampus)
Faction Inferno Cyberpunks (Formerly), Villains Act (Formerly), Starlight Glimmer (Formerly)
Description Prosthetic Ribcage, Cyber-Repaired Skull, Artificial Organs, Cybernetic Bones, Bitter Anger, Honorable, Warrior Instinct
Skills and Abilities Sense-Enhancing Implants, Cyber-Liked Armor, Recharging Energy Shield, Kathana PSR-10 Plasma Sniper Rifle, Acrobatic Ability, Stealthy Assassin, Natural Animal Abilities
Status Imprisoned
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Iomober Grus City, Quiorex (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gorvina System) (Hometown)
  • Oranos (Imprisonment Residence)
Alignment Morally debatable.

Caera F. Kaniety, AKA Cyber Caera, is an Alternate UUniversal Drak from Planet Quiorex. At the young age of 4, Caera was abducted by the Inferno Cyberpunks, and was surgically and cybernetically modified and trained to be a ruthless assassin for them in their battles against Globex Industries to avenge their old leader. But after being an outcast for learning of her heritage and betraying the Cyberpunks, she was put under Grand Council protection by her parents. As a result, she lived a previous life as an independent bounty hunter, yet was bribed by Darkness Qui and the Villains Act into serving them as a deadly assassin under threat of sending her parents to work in sulfur mines. Caera clearly had no loyalty to the Villains Act, being ashamed of her actions and wanted to punish Qui for such a 'dishonorable act'. She killed over 36 targets, and only lost 2 times, one of them being the bounty hunter Arnade Arbor. She was able to rescue her family during the traitorous acts of Lieutenant Blacker, but was surprisingly not that harshly punished since Qui understood such a thing. When the Villains Act was destroyed, she was one of the first to be locked up. It is there that she would remain until an unexpected person comes to help, despite her parents trying to do so first.


Caera was born on the dinosaur planet of Quiorex. She was raised by blissful parents with serious honor values who had hoped she would do great things for the AUU. However, 4 years after her birth, Caera was abducted by the Inferno Cyberpunks, not only 'adopting' her, but surgically and cybernetically modifying her and training her to carry on the beliefs and intentions of their master who waged the terrible Exo-Wars long ago. At such a young age, Caera grew up with no knowledge of her original family. When she eventually became 24, Caera discovered her heritage, her family, and her home planet. Feeling betrayed and used, she felt that the Cyberpunks' beliefs were false, and had made different beliefs, becoming very protesting and was against Infernus' willingness and 'hypocrisy' of spilling the blood of albeit corrupt corporations and not persuing more legal and 'honorable' ways in dealing with them and leaving the Inferno Cyberpunks looking like bloodthirsty fanatics instead of 'true' freedom fighters. This had ended up reducing her to becoming an outcast to most of the Cyberpunks, leading to some considering having her dealt with, possibly through termination. However, they still kept her around since they went too far with making her a great member.

But what crossed the line was when she was defending someone set to be a target of the Cyberpunks because the victim had a bloodline relation to a slayed corrupt CEO of Globex. But Caera obviously knew that the poor girl had no interests to avenge her family's disgrace and shame and had since moved on, with the Cyberpunks harshly persisting on trying to do her in. Caera finally had enough, and murdered the executioner and former right-hand man of Infernus, Malware Kallus, using her sniper rifle to blast his head off. But surprisingly, Caera discovered that the Cyberpunks wanted her to become their new leader, not minding that Kallus was killed at all. Disgusted, Caera refused, and when she was made a target for the Cyberpunks to make her their leader by force, Caera was able to make contact with her family, who contacted the AUU Grand Council, putting her under legal protection.

Free at last, Caera lived a life as an independent bounty hunter, and had swore to stay clear from anymore evils like that. That is, until the Inferno Cyberpunks got involved with the Villains Act, and told Darkness Qui about Caera and the problem of her being 'too honorable for her own good'. Qui had clear interest of this assassin who slayed one of Infernus' most powerful leader, but knowing that the Cyberpunks being too quick to accept her as a new leader has likely permanently scared her off being intentionally evil, so Qui decided to be clever about the situation by discovering her family in Quiorex, ordering some Starbots to capture the family to use as leverage. Using this, Qui threatens to kill her if she refused to serve them, where complying would at best leave them alive, albeit as sulfer mine slaves. Worrying for her family, Caera begrudgingly agreed and became one of their deadliest assassins, killing over 36 targets, and only losing 2 times. Neither in victory or defeat was she proud of betraying her own values for protecting her family.

She almost ended up turning on the Villains Act following the incident involving Clast and Lieutenant Blacker. Fearing that the Villains Act has started to seek out to execute slaves, she busted out her understanding and forgiving family and got them off-planet and evacuated them to the Planet Xorizome where the Grand Council would protect them, and Caera intentionally stayed behind to provoke Qui into punishing her. However, she was surprised that Qui didn't do such. Qui explained that Blacker acting out was nothing more than an unauthorized move and a technical betrayal, so what happened to the nobleman's family was a 'fluke'. Though Qui wasn't hesitant to scold and punish Caera for busting out and freeing slaves, it wasn't too harshly since Qui knew she was just protecting family, something Qui had personal feelings for, so the worse Caera got was 7-month suspension from attending Villains Act missions. She was even given a mind-control implant to prevent her from leaving until the Villains Act got her parents back, which they were unable to do before the Villains Act's fall.

Caera was one of the first captured by the AUU Grand Council, and despite her forgiving family's attempt to save her from being punished that while they didn't ignor what happened, they couldn't ignor Caera's controversey and the policitcal pressure surrounding it, she got locked up on Oranos, where she still remains today, likely till her controversey would die out and would be less of a controverseal issue. Her family, afraid that the time might be too long, had started to used their connections with the minor Council representitives of Quiorex to advocate for Caera's release for a long time, with often mixed and divided results. And while Caera was disappointed that she was locked up, she was at least happy that she no longer had to serve the Villains Act, especially when security made sure her mind-control implant was removed. However, eventally, Caera would find herself serving questionable forces again, but this time, it's not Qui.

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