Cyley Byl Zapp
Cyley Zapp
Vital statistics
Title Professor Zapp
Gender Female
Race/Species Paradisoid
Faction Independent Archaeologist
Description Optimistic, Frustrated, Ambitious, Adaptive.
Skills and Abilities Self-Defense, All-Purpose Rifle Allows Plasma Blasts, Grappling Hook, Electronic Taser, Visorless Computer Helmet Grants Enhanced Vision, Nano-Suit, Yellow Exo-Suit, Energy Shield, Deadbike With Sidecar, Power-Adjustable Phasers, And Missile Launchers, Dynda, Green Drone Omax
Status MIA
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Fethersky, Gasjune (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Iquien System) (Hometown)
  • Outishra (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Consover System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Good
Cyley B. Zapp is an Alternate UUniversal Paradisoid from Planet Gasjune. She is a bird-of-paradise being whose race is known for a prejudice against the bans of polygamy that was raised on a gas giant with a habitable atmosphere, dubbed zoeosphere, in an AFT city. She and her sister Dynda Zapp grew up to become fascinated with the Jupitians, an extinct Teadr 1 race and the only race capable of inhabiting gas giants and even stars, even though commenly the Jupitians have otherwise been dubbed as myths for sounding seemingly outlandish for living in uninhapitable planets, which to them defeats the purpose of a planet being called "Uninhapitiable". Still, this passon landed the two siblings into the profession of archaeologists that study extinct races including the long-extinct Teadr 1 Era races. But the one race the two tried to seek out the most were the Outians, of which had came to prior knowledge in Pre-UIS times by the Ohgugans, but the barely started collecting of the knowledge was cut-short by UIS' isolating of the Beta Core Isolated Systems, leading to present reshurchers at the time to either be booted out of the systems or even arrested for being stubbern about, limiting the Knowledge of the Outians to be that they had existed and that's it. The two were forced to ask for the aide of Worm McSinep to be basicly coyote'd into the system. But they turn up missing one day when in Outshira. They ended up stranded on the Outian homeworld since it was under conflict between two opposing forces: O.P.E.N. (Outishran Proletariat of Expeditionary Nextgen) who want to steal all the Outtian technology to advance the planet's new inhabitants, and O.U.T. (Outishran Ulterior Taskforce) who want to stop this act of robbing good discovery for selfish advancement. The two are forbidden to leave out of fear that they'll bring outside authorities, even when Cyley and her sister would just as much disbenefit from a reveil since UIS would know they got into the Isolated Systems, and any payback into O.P.E.N. would be pretty short-lived. But the two make up for the equipment that was confiscated from them by OPEN by stealing equipment from them. While Cyley gained an all-purpose rifle, a nano-weaved jumpsuit, a Deadbike capable of taking out the toughest of Jeeptanks, a green drone named Omax, and an exosuit, her sister always wore her exosuit as a result of an injury that made the exosuit her default life support. She eventually teams up with a Sandbird vigilante scavenger named Caleb Ohm, who actually starts to fall in love with her, but tensions rose when her sister falls in love with an Ornin named Bount Hunter, an ex-Outist responsible for the murder of Caleb's Outist father as contracted by a Millaterry leader in O.P.E.N. Yet he too joins their cause when said Millaterry Leader orchestrated Bount's betrayal just as payback for being one of OUT's best members. Cyley is very optimistic and ambitious, and yet she can be pushed to her limits, which came from how she was robbed of her reshurch and getting things settled legally would result in UIS being on her ass.


Cyley Zapp 2

Cyley Helmeted

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