Cynmona Ba Lander, AKA Cynthia or Cynmona the Unconventional, is an Alternate UUniversal Phend from Planet Xorbeth. She was raised by a Xorabeak count named Count So Cal Justice after her parents were brutally murdered by a gang of Phend Haters lead by a racist brooding anti-Phend killer dubbed Patcher, who died to wounds caused by the Count's aged troggle, thus grew up mostly antisocial because of the racism she had to put up with for much of her life caused by Qoklara Musa So, a terrorist organization that made her race severely mistrusted and infamous, especially for causing the 9/11-like Terror Month. She came to be a bitter, brooding vigilantie going around and killing Phend Haters from off-world that come to plauge Xorbeth for being in a sactuary system for defect Phends, being as merciless and remorseless to their demise as Patcher's old gang were to her parents, deeming Phend killers the scum of the universes. The only time she spared a Phend Slayer, was because the particular killer was a relucent broken mess of a person drafted forcefully by the now dead gang, who said he was the son of Terror Month victims from a planet annilated by a stolen Astro-Laser from Ugoldest, him being orphaned and not knowing what to really do, giving Cynmona a needed revelation to realised that not all Phend Haters are abunch of hateful monsters, but some are like the hopeless victim, sadden and confused by the sudden lost of loved ones because of things beyond his control, thus, Cynmona spared him, albeit not without harsh scolding telling him to get his life togather and forsake trying to kill defect Phends, leaving the hopeless fool to be arrested there after. It didn't nessersarly stop her from killing Phend haters outright if they are still matching to her "Scum of the AUU" idealogity, but less devoted ones are often found more and more alive. The Count hopes to give Cynmona a chance for something greater then just going around and kill Phend haters.

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