is the Ice Guardian Dragon of The Legend of Spyro series.

Personality [1]Edit

Cyril is a coldly confident and predominately prideful dragon, who constantly brags about supposedly royal ancestry. He is brimming with pride and arrogance, claiming that his lineage is that of some long forgotten yet great dragons. He does not hold his tongue when speaking and he can often be sarcastic, Volteer usually being the target of these remarks due to the electric Guardian's incessant babbling. Despite his short comings, however, he knows when he should swallow his pride and do the right thing, admitting that Spyro is the way forwards and that he and his fellow Guardians must step aside.


As a Master of Ice, Cyril's proficiency is unmatched by no one but Spyro in raw power, but it takes Cyril's tutoring to truly allow Spyro to be able to control his element efficiently and with any grace.


A New Beginning[4]Edit

Cyril was captured by Cynder and her forces and was taken to Tall Plains where the power of his element was drained into a crystal to use in the ritual to release The Dark Master. Ignitus sends Spyro to rescue Cyril after he returns with Volteer and he watches Cynder as she flies away with her powered crystal. Spyro pushes on and finds Cyril but he is forced to fight the Stone Sentinel, a creature worshiped by the native Atlawas as a god who was angered at having its resting place disturbed by Cynder's actions.

Once Spyro freed Cyril, the Ice Guardian hurried them back to the temple, and away from the 'primitive and barbaric' company they were currently in. After a brief reunion with his fellow Guardians, Cyril took Spyro to the training room and taught him how to use his new found Ice element to a proficient level. When Spyro returned with Cynder, now free from Malefor's control, Cyril apologized with the rest of the Guardians for being unable to protect their eggs on the night of the raid.

The Eternal Night[5]Edit

Cyril was asleep (snoring softly), with the rest of the Guardians when Cynder snuck away from the temple. When the temple was attacked by the Apes once again he helped defend it, this time pushing the Apes away and successfully holding his home, despite the damage the Temple attained.

He was gathered around the viewing pool when Spyro mentioned the Chronicler and, along with the others, was startled to hear of his existence. With the Guardians unsettled by the reappearance of the Chronicler, who was often linked with tales of doom, and with the visions of the Mountain of Malefor that Spyro was having, Cyril was sent with Volteer to the mainlands to learn whatever news they could by Ignitus.

Dawn of the Dragon[6]Edit

In the three years since Spyro's and Cynder's disappearance, Cyril waited with the other guardians in the dragon city of Warfang, having once again lost control of the temple to Malefor and his forces, who tore the Temple from the ground and suspended it high above the ground with his dark powers as a symbol of his domination.

Cyril didn't make an appearance until Spyro and Cynder successfully prevented Malefor's army from storming the city gates and he swooped down over the army, using his Ice breath as it retreated. He turned back, however, when The Golem emerged from the ground and began to attack the city, Ignitus sending Cyril to put out the fires in the city. He saves Spyro and Cynder from being crushed by the Golem's tail, using his Ice breath to slow the tail's descent long enough for Spyro and Cynder to cross a staircase before the tail knocked Cyril out of the sky and smashed through the stone. It is revealed that he recovered from the blow when he joined up with Spyro and Cynder after the Golem's defeat..

After the defeat of the Golem, Cyril watches as Malefor reveals his plan and resurrects the Destroyer. Along with the other guardians, Cyril ventures through the city's underground to confront the Destroyer and attack it before it completed the Ring of Annihilation and initiated the end of the world. When the attack failed, however, Cyril helped move the Inhabitants of Warfang underground in the hopes that they would be safe, not emerging until Spyro and Cynder defeated Malefor and prevented the destruction of the world. He looked over the horizon along with everyone else and witnessed the creation of a dragon constellation in the sky.

Role in the series

Cyril returns in Dinosaur to reprise his attack on the Earth Golem.

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