Daemon (cloaked form)

Daemon is a Dark Spawn Lord and a commanding officer of the Dark Spawn army, commanding SkullSatamon and Devimon as well. Daemon will soon appear to confront the Shell Louge Squad in an undertermined time.

In Digimon Adventure 02 He first made himself known to the DigiDestined after his minion SkullSatamon was destroyed by Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. He demanded that Ken come with him so he could use the Dark Spore's power for his own ends. Arukenimon then appeared with a truckload of 'kidnapped' children and convinced Ken to come with her. Daemon refused to let Yukio Oikawa get away with it and sicked his other 2 minions LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon on his truck. But after his two remaining minions were destroyed by Silphymon and Shakkoumon, respectively, Daemon took matters into his own hands and stopped the truck and demanded Ken be handed over or else. Although Oikawa was willing to let him take Ken, as he had already implanted the copied Dark Spores, Daemon had to deal with the DigiDestined as well. Despite everything they could throw at him, Daemon was too powerful to defeat. They decided to open a gate to the Digital World to send Daemon back there, but even while holding off their attacks, Daemon opens a gateway himself, telling them that banishing him to the Digital World was pointless, as he can simply come right back (he also mocked them while he was at it, saying "Fools. How did you think I came from the Digital World in the first place?"). Ken was forced to use the dark power within him to convert a Digi-Port into a gateway to the Dark Ocean, through which Daemon was cast. Impressed at Ken's power, Daemon did nothing but laugh and vowed to return as the portal closed around him.

Role in the series

Once he was imprisoned, Daemon was designated a Dark Spawn Lord by Malefor, and now he serves as one of his dragons alongside Mirage and Cobra. He has yet to make an official appearance.

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