Dai Shi
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race/Species Wolf
Faction Independent Villain
Description Chi Parasite, Bitter, Foul Temper, Vicious, Tough
Skills and Abilities Chi Powers, Natural Animal Abilities, Limited Kung Fu Experience
Status Imprisoned
Location Kung Fu Panda World
Alignment Contested Morality
Dai Shi is a wolf from DreamWorks China. She is the sister of Boss Wolf, real name Dai Wag, who was once not only the only female member of The Wolf forces, but was also incredability inventive, crafting and making her own unigte weapons, who was normally a nice-mannored girl and was considerability friendly until her heart and mind was broken by what happened to the Panda village and was turned into a seriously guilt-driven villain that had felt awful for what Lord Shen did to the pandas, and ever since Shen was banished, Dai left the wolf army, refusing to be a part of his quest for revenge. She has since been waiting to plan an act of revenge to take over Gongmen City, even gaining some assistant warrior legends to assist. She self-taught herself in Kung Fu since she couldn't get a tutelage in it because every master refused to let her skills be used for revenge. Even learning Chi was impossible for the same reason. But luckily for her, she was able to learn several Chi techniques including the same jade power that Kai possessed. Though she had little experience with Kung Fu, she was skilled enough to tackle other Kung Fu Masters, espeically with help of a legendary weapon she found and rebuilt called the Weapon of Morph Wao, a staff-like spear that can transform into every old-world weapon imaginable, now with the inclusion of stronger weaponry like a feature that turns it into a staff that shoots small but painful firecrackers. She would one day put her skills to the test when she hears of her old master reforming.


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