Dai Song
Dai Song
Vital statistics
Title Sister to Tai Lung and Mother to Peng
Gender Female
Race/Species Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia)
Faction Lung Guo Bandit Clan (Formerly)
Description Blind, Vengeful, Mean, Determined, Relentless
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Limited Kung Fu Skills, Many of Tai Lung's Abilities
Status Imprisoned
Location Kung Fu Panda World
Alignment Evil

Dai Song is a vengeful female Snow Leopard and sister of Tai Lung, and the Mother of Peng. Appearing first in When Turkeys Revolt, she was the henchmen of Bao Sa Mao, along side the ever idiotic Fing Fung Fong of the Komodo Dragon Warriors Bao had, Dai Song resented Po for killing Tai Lung and turning Peng against him. After being defeated and losing the ability to see with Bao turning a different leaf and Fing losing his evil edge, Dai has sinced learnt to live with her blindless and has much greater kung fu for it. But she still espires to get revenge on Po and the Lougers for preventing her from getting justice for what Oogway did to her, disbanding the Lung Guo bandit clan legacy and leaving her to be miserable. She is relentless and won't give in to any oppertunity to get "justice" for her grivences. Just like her brother Tai Lung, she's a talented kung fu master and capable of even more complex form of nerve attacks then him. She is prone to have a serious superiority complex, making her judge Fing and any other incompident fool poorly. She has been proven time and time again that she has harsh feelings torwords Peng for turning against the Lung Guo legacy and is hardly hestient to harm him even fataly for it.


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