Vital statistics
Title Tangawizi's Friend, Ancestor to Ed the Hyena
Gender Male
Race/Species Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
Faction Shadow Hyenas (Formerly), Pure Hyenas
Description Deceased, Anger Issues, Semi-Insanity, Tough, Determined
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Shadow and Pure Magic Powers
Status Long Deceased
Location Pride Lands (Homeland)
Alignment Reformed Good
Dalitso is a hyena from the Pride Lands and an ancestor to Ed who started out as a Shadow Hyena who served for the evil Mwongo and was a good friend to his wife, Tangawizi. She agreed that the Shadow Hyenas were too much of a problem for the good of Africa, and thus she agreed to convince Mwongo's forces that, when the time was right, they stop serving him. Once Tangawizi was ready to put an end to the Shadow Hyenas, Dalitso did so and while Tangawizi would become the founder of the Pure Hyenas, Dalitso would join them and get married to Ujasiri.


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