Well, Julien wasn't able to pull it off! Thanks to using a bad potion instead of the better one, Julien ended up looking like a mule in front of the Griffin council, and now Gilda's uncle, Vulture-Head the Arch-lord, has not only desided that Gilda is to wed Royal Je-ark, but Gilda is to leave the shell louge squad. the pleas of the high council and the dragon guardians have been ignored. Icky and Gilda may be drifting apart now, thanks to a very tradition-stricten and badly impressed council of griffins, thanks to Julian's over-comidence and short-comings. Alex, with Marty, Gloria, Melman, the Penguins, Aina the Okapi, Twilight, Spike, and Princess Candence deside to take this matter into their own hands (so to speak). There's something about Vulture-head that may seem, off.

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