After helping the lougers with the superior problem in Kratos and Lagoola since they are still new to the louge, Dan and his friends are living in the dragon guardian temple while their world is recovering from the incident with Promise-granter. But there is a new downside to the new members, Dan has become an obnoxious roommate to all of the lougers, even to the strong willed Soothsayer. Elise has been unreasonaly secretive with her status as a secret agent to a secret agenty, and Chris, well, he is struggeling to be brave, and a total wuss just like Fluttershy, and has proven to be a great short-coming. Now the lougers are having second thoughts about having Dan and his friends as members. but will their worth be proven when all of the lougers get kidnapped by Smartitron, the incredably smart rouge space computer that deems the lougers wrothy of painful expeariments, and has kidnapped all, but Dan, Elise, and Chris with Twilight, Taiku, Spike, Riku, Mickey, Sora, Donald and Goofy going after Smartitron. What motivates Dan into helping is the fact Smartitron kidnapped Mr. Mumbles, and earlier before, crashed into his car. Smartitron is about to learn a new life lesson: Don't mess with Dan's only truely liked things, his cat, and most surely NOT the car! Chris now begins to muster courage he never knew he had and Elise now realises that being secretivly obsessed with her status as a secret agent to a secret agenty is now nothing compared to her feelings for the girl lougers since they have become sisters to her, and now she's ready to prove her worth to the louge and fight Smartitron even she has to do it with her hands tied behind her back (She has been trained at her secret agency on how to fight with her hands behind her back) like she did while she and Chris where tied up during their captivity with Promise-granter. but the question remains, how does one outsmart a space super-compuer or maybe even reprogram it into a good not so rouge one?

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