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Danny Fenton/Phantom

Daniel "Danny" Fenton, A.K.A. Danny Phantom, is the main character of his TV series Danny Phantom. Known as 'Danny Fenton' when a human and 'Danny Phantom' when a ghost, his primary goal is to save the citizens of Amity Park from the dangerous ghosts coming through the Fenton Portal.



Living with his ghost-obsessed parents since his birth, Danny had to put up with their unique personalities that often traumatized him as well as constantly being forced to listen to his parents ramble or instruct their children on how their numerous Fenton gadgets worked. However, this did nothing to stop Danny's curiosity that one day changed his life forever. While in his parents' laboratory, Danny had an accident involving the newly built "Fenton Portal", causing his molecular structure to be infused with ectoplasm.

As a result, Danny Fenton becomes a half-human, half-ghost hybrid; he styles himself as a new persona as Danny Phantom, an extraordinary spectral superhero with a ghostly array of other-worldly powers; able to shift between the forms his human-half and his ghost-half at will, coming into a number of various supernatural/paranormal extraordinary abilities.

Upon transformation, his normally black hair turns white, his eyes change from sky blue to ectoplasmic green, his skin changes from light to tanned, and his normal attire becomes a black hazmat suit - with white boots, gloves, belt, and starting from the second season, a "D" emblem with an inner "P" on his chest. The emblem is added by Danny's friend Sam Manson in Memory Blank, where she is forced to relive the events leading up to Danny's initial transformation.


Danny mainly has the powers of a ghost. He can walk through walls, become invisible, intangible, and can fly. He can even posess someone's body by ghosting inside of the host. He is also capable of using ectoplasmic energy in many ways such as charging up punches, emitting energy from his hands, bursting in energy, and creating force fields and deflective shields. He is also capable of cryokinesis, sensing nearby ghosts, duplication, teleportation, and shapeshifting.

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