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"Alex Hungry. Alex EAT?!"

Dark Alex is a creation of Cobra in Madagascar, a sick, twisted version of Alex that was sent to destroy the Shell Louge Squad. He's supposed to parody real-life lions and their carnivorous habits, but considering that actual lions were seen in Madagascar 2 who are not at all be carnivorous to their herbivorous neighbors and govern them in a peaceful society much like that of Pride Rock, it can be surmised or assumed that Cobra merely created Dark Alex to scare Spongebob. Dark Alex originally was the small darkness in Alex's heart, but Cobra, seeking to rid the leage of the heroes, decided to turn Alex into a Heartless Apprentice to the Dark Entity possessing Cynder at the time. Dark Alex looks similar to Alex, only with wild, frenzied hair, big blue eyes, a sneering grin and real lion roar, and sharp claws bared all the time. Dark Alex proved to be a formidable enemy to our heroes, who couldn't harm him in fear of killing their friend. Only Simba and King Julien could stop the creature before it really jumped off the slippery slope into darkness. After Alex was cured of his darkness, Dark Alex disappeared, and thankfully away from the sequel and penguin series. However, Mirage, also a strong believer in spreading darkness just for the fun of it, plans to resurrect Dark Alex into a clone body with a dark mode costume to serve as Makunga and Titzi's servant in the Blowhole faction of the Villain League, though it's not known if it's just rumors or the truth.
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