Dark Cynder, and lessly known as Avatar Cynder

Dark Cynder is an evil demon spawn of Malefor that was removed from him and possessed Cynder in order to provide the Villain League with a leader. She was leader till Spyro cured Cynder within her and reduced the last few traces of Dark Cynder into Avatar Cynder, a similar looking form that is only temporary but still powerful form that wears off once any threat has passed. dispite being called, "Dark Cynder", and her dead-on devotion to Malefor, she is not a dark spawn lord and is not considered as such, rather, a tainted form of Cynder when ultamatly corrupted.


she is the exsact same color as normal Cynder, only she is larger than usual. Some other attributes of that form are her longer neck, different wings, and more adult face.


After being kidnapped while still in her egg, Cynder was raised under the control of Malefor, an evil dragon known as the Dark Master. After all this, Malefor transformed Cynder into an evil adult black dragon with a personality that was truly horrible and cared about nothing but reviving her master with the Dark Crystals. in the series, Dark Cynder tends to be more resectable to the other villains of the villain leage, but won't hestitate to hand out punishments for failure or idioty.

After Spyro freed her from Malefor's grasp, Cynder felt responsible for the suffering she caused everyone, even Spyro. As time passed, however, Cynder realized that Spyro really cares about her, and started to care about him in the same way. Her friendship with Spyro eventually blossoms into true love due to his heartfelt understanding of her, as it becomes shown in the middle of the third game. Cynder, in turn, begins to show some of her feelings. After Ignitus' death, she starts speaking to Spyro in a soft tone of voice from there on out. Spyro also shows Cynder that it wasn't her error while the other denizens still remember her corrupted days and despise her still, and the young black dragoness quickly takes on a more positive attitude, even admitting her love for Spyro.


Having been exposed to Malefor's corruption, Cynder was granted abilities most uncommon. She has the ability to use Poison, Fear, Wind, and Shadow as her breath attacks, which were granted to her in Dawn of the Dragon. In her dark corrupted form in A New Beginning, Cynder was seen breathing Shadow Fire, but this ability wasn't included as one of her breath attacks when she returned to her normal form and size.


A New Beginning[5]Edit

The story reveals that Cynder has been in a war with the Dragon race, with the Guardian Dragons, Ignitus, Terrador, Volteer and Cyril, and possibly other dragons. Ignitus was the only one who managed to escape and hide from Cynder after the dragoness captured the other Guardians. Spyro soon meets the Dragon Guardian of Fire, who tells Spyro of Cynder's reign, and that her army has taken control of the Dragon Temple and the land.

After Spyro saves the three other Guardians, it is explained that Cynder is utilizing the elderly dragons to charge up energy into a crystal in order to free the Dark Master. Moments after saving Terrador, Cynder appears and retrieves the crystal charged by the Earth Guardian's energy, then chases after Spyro and attacks him, until he is rescued by Ignitus, who gets captured in the process.

After learning how to utilize Earth, Spyro goes to Cynder's fortress in Concurrent Skies to rescue Ignitus. Cynder confronts the young dragon and they engaged in a fight, but Cynder escapes to Convexity with the crystal after it was fully charged. The weakened Ignitus, exhausted from getting his energy drained, crawls to the floor and tells Spyro that Cynder was born in the same clutch of eggs that Spyro was in, making her the same age as Spyro. She was taken from the shrine when she was an egg and was corrupted by Malefor's dark energy, which made her grow at an unnatural pace.

Determined, Spyro follows Cynder but arrives too late, as Cynder had already triggered the portal and provided Malefor with a means of escape. Once she sees Spyro, Cynder attacks him, willing to get rid of the purple dragon once and for all. After a fierce battle, she is defeated by Spyro, and her body is freed from Malefor's control, changing her back into a young dragon again. However, the gateway to Convexity starts to implode as a result of Spyro and Cynder's fight. Despite a difference of opinion between Spyro and Sparx, Spyro rescues Cynder and flees from Convexity, making a narrow escape.

Cynder is returned to the Dragon Temple, where the four Guardians apologize to her for not guarding her on the night of the raid. That night, Spyro goes to the temple's balcony, looking for any sign of Malefor's return, and Cynder soon joins him, as they both feared that Malefor wasn't defeated yet.

Role in the series

Malefor is seriously obsessively in love with his mutant spawn, and is always trying to desperately to bring her back in order to lead the Villain League to victory. However, he does know that Cynder's alternate form as Avatar Cynder, a rip-off of Avatar Aang, could provide him with the key to create a Dark Spawn clone of Dark Cynder so that his mad obsessions of love can be fulfilled. alcourse, ideas of a clone Dark Cynder is currently unofittal. Then again, the word "corrupt" is quite overused, and a clone of Cynder would be more practical than Cynder always getting transformed into evil every single time.

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