Dark Dragon's Big Return is the 34th Episode of Season 3B of SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles. The reason for Dark Dragon's massive inactivity has been revealed, besides dealing with routine rebellion issues from the Matoran of the Scourge Rebellion, as he had been planning something big, plus his fights against the Scourge Rebellion have allowed him plenty of time to upgrade his Bionicle armies, and even train his own members. Taiku and his brother Haku have come to the Lodgers to tell them that their father, Dark Dragon, has returned to his homeworld with a secret plot to unleash powerful and unstoppable automatons from times when Makuta himself tormented the world's mythical community. They must now team up with Dark Dragon's native enemies, the American Dragon Jake Long, 15 years older, and his family, as well as with the Jungle Crew thanks to Fu Dog being one of them, who have also changed since the obscurity of LionKingRulez, and stop him from awakening a great secret of Makuta himself, and the one thing that got Dark Dragon in the Fang Empire to begin with. They must even bring in Fang and Othello to help, as it's time for him to confront Dark Dragon at last. Dark Dragon has exhausted a lot of absence in this plan, and he views he must come back in style, by unleashing what these new automatons can do. Now it's time to see what both the new Shell Lodge Squad and the until-now-obscured Dark Dragon Scourge can truly do.

Characters of planned introduction.


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