The Dark Dragon

The Dark Dragon (Clancy Brown) is the #1 threat to the magical community who replaces the Huntsman as the primary villain in American Dragon Jake Long, and the only known dragon in history to ever turn evil. (riviling Malefor, but the only un-purple dragon to turn evil that's able to talk, in referience to various non-talking dragons from various medievil movies) Being the Dark Dragon, his color is black and he has red eyes. He also is usually seen in the dark. His 'human form' (if there is one) has yet to be shown. He can conjure dragon-like shadow creatures called Shades (Shade Demons) to serve as his minions. Few dragons have faced him and lived; the strongest of the many opponents of the protective dragons, including Jake's grandpa. His goal is to assemble an army of evil magical creatures to destroy humanity and take over the Earth. He feels that magical creatures (particularly dragons) are superior to humans, and should be the dominant species of Earth instead and rid the world of humans. It maybe because he sees himself and dragons as powerful and have the right to rule or views humans as inferior and fears they may cause the extinction of his kind (example being the Huntsclan). He's willing to kill any dragon (and any other magical creature for that matter) who gets in his way or doesn't agree with his beliefs (just like the Huntsman). He is never seen with the Huntsclan and unknown if he was enemies with the Huntsclan. Rose/Huntsgirl is the only member of the Huntsclan that the Dark Dragon has seen. If the Huntsman wishes for the destruction of all magical creatures by using the Aztec Skulls, the Dark Dragon will die (even Chang, Bannanas B, and the Shade Demons).

He appeared twice in the first season, in which he tried to offer Jake, who he seems to have an interest in, a chance to join him during their first meeting. In "Hong Kong Nights", the Dark Dragon is defeated by Jake and his friends and seems to be destroyed, but through the use of a spell, he is brought back to power and returns at the end of "Being Human". In the series finale "The Hong Kong Longs", it is revealed that Chang not only resurrected him but she imbued him with many dark powers. He captured Lao Shi, in order to blackmail Jake into betraying the dragons of the world .After the battle that had taken hold, Chang and Bananas B are defeated along with the Shade Demons who are destroyed by Johnathan Long. However, the Dark Dragon has yet to be matched until Rose returns to help Jake and fights him. The temple they are in starts to begin its disappearance for another, according to Fu, 1,000 years. Everyone leaves but Rose is still trapped within. Jake immediately goes to rescue Rose but starts to be pulled into the portal with the Dark Dragon until Rose cuts off the tip of his tail giving her and Jake the chance to escape. The Dark Dragon is then pulled into another dimension where he will be imprisoned for another 1,000 years. The Dark Dragon dies when he gets crushed by the rocks in the portal or killed by strange magical creatures in to another dimension.

Role in the series

The Dark Dragon serves as the dragon commander to Emperor Fang, and resents working under the emperor. He is one of the only villains in the empire who knows that the real emperor is actually Makuta, and wants to find a way to become the new emperor and destroy Makuta so that Fang can serve HIM instead of the other way around. This scheme is currently being planned to be made by Scroopfan in his series, but Dark Dragon now has Experiment 621 and Riku on his side to take over. All that's mssing is clips of Dark Dragon to be contained. In a recently played roleplay that has not happened yet in the series based on Spyro and Friends VS Sly Cooper, apparently Emperor Fang has been captured by the Shell Louge Squad, and now the Dark Dragon leads the Fang Empire, or as he prefers to call it now: The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire.

In Spirited Away, the Dark Dragon is revealed to be the father of Kohaku and appears at the end to try and sway him over to his side, a la Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

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