Dark Gazz
Dark Gazz
Vital statistics
Title Gaz-zon, Brother to Cynder
Gender Male
Race/Species Dragon Realms Dragon
Faction Dragon Guardians (Formerly), Aztecalopes (Formerly)
Description Deceased, Brutal, Sadistic, Mean, Intelligent
Skills and Abilities Intelligence, Strategy, Knowledgeable of Dark Magic, Manipulative, Natural Dragon Abilities
Status Deceased (By proxy of being trapped in the Aztec Underworld)
Location Dragon Realms (Homeworld)

Destiny Islands (Death Area)

Alignment Repressed Villain

Dark Gazz is a dragon from the Dragon Realms. He is one of Cynder's many deceased or lost siblings that was born long before Cynder's egg was laid. He was away at the time, as his mother was in danger, and was taken to the Alternate UUniverses, and Gazz tried to hunt down the unknown abductors with no success. He eventally gave the surviving egg to the dragon guardians for protaction in hopes she could be provided for... Only for the events of the Legend of Spyro series happened. Gazz was betrayed by Ignitus' imcompidence, and blamed them for allowing Cynder to become the entity known as Dark Cynder. He ran away from the realms for the Guardians' failure of keeping Cynder's egg safe, and went to Destiny Islands to sell his soul to the Elder Council of a Jungle Draconequui village of Equestrian origin for a dark-magic medallion that gave him magic powers that allowed him to gain total control of the Golden City of Aztecalopes magically disguised as an Aztecalope named Gaz-zon to get Cynder back and destroy the ones who took his family from them. But then he betrayed the entire Draconequui Council, and imprisoned them in the medallion, leaving only one Draconequui left: Black Kat, whom he takes in and teaches black magic until she saves a child meant to be sacrificed for Dark Cynder, and makes herself a fugitive. He is now dead after his medallion was destroyed, and has been unable to fulfill his task and pay off his debt.


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He's asentually the Anterlope Verson (Bi-bepal) of Tzekel-Kan.

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