Starzmond Balton Macsmo Doxxler
Vital statistics
Title Dark Starmapper
Gender Male
Race/Species Opiqian
Faction Independent Conqueror
Description Devious, Nihilistic, Ambitious, Greedy
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Powerful Magic, Cunning Manipulator, Technomancy, Thaumonology, Limited Control Over Space, Energy, Matter, and Time
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Beama (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Beammon-Luxor System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil
Starzmond B.M. Doxxler is an Alternate UUniversal Opiqian from Planet Beama. He is a former astronomer and cosmonaut who had a very ambitious goal of searching for power for his people. Unfortunately, his race turned down the idea seeing it as too dangerous since lore spoke of this being the starting idea of interdimensional empires, which were disastrously consequential. Furious and betrayed, he abandoned his home and stumbled upon something dangerous: the lore of Xzama. A planet he discovered was sensitive to Kingdom Hearts. For centuries he stole so much of it's power, and aimed to use it to literally take over space to spite his people. He obtained power over time, space, energy, and matter, but he needed to conquer all of space to make this power unlimited. But he had threats to this conquest. Lyght was another former astronomer and cosmonaut who found Xzama first and came to live with a race spawned from Xzama, the space-faring Vaxies, who are basically like space fairies. He tried to enlist help from the Villains Act to get help, promising they can rule the planets of his domain, but they stood him down, though not nessersarly out of rejecting the power he promise, but kinda more along the lines that he was kinda a jerk about the VA being flawwed. But he was a cunning manipulator. He manipulated Hellana into being xenophobic to cosmonauts and thus turned her against her adopted Mewman daughter Astra Cosmofly, an alternate timeline twin of Star Butterfly who not only hailed from a Mewni timeline where Toffee was much luckier forcing Mewmanity to be exiled out of Mewni, being turned back into M'onstrarus, resulting in Queen Moon and King River of that timeline to cast off Star to foster care in what was meant to be a timeline where Toffee failed, assumingly the main timeline, but the pod also ended up transending time, transfered into a different Time Butterfly and ended up in Main Timeline AUU. Astra had came to bare different traits, including having inherited her mother's hair color. He did this by casting a cosmonaut captain into a black hole with his crew, leaving behind his astrophobic hybrid son Mako Sagan to be rescued by Astra, resulting in a fallout between her and her mother the ends with her accidentally transporting her and unintentionally Mako across the multiverse. This tragedy brought Astra to blame Star Butterfly for this because of her destroying magic. This act earned Dark Starmapper the approval of the Villains Act's remnants, The Dark Radicals, as he aimed to have the both of them kill each other, at the right time when magic was restored whilst Star was on community service of which the Dark Rads were afraid this would be used against them. But they were saved by a friend of the ruler of the Beamflies, a Time Councilor and substitute for Omnitraxus Prime, named Kronunos, who had worked for the Sisters of Lightness and Darkness, the rulers of Kingdom Hearts, was worried about the threat Dark Starmapper posed. So he helped them learn of Dark Starmapper's tricks and had to create a paradox to stop him. When Dark Starmapper sensed the paradox, he was eventually defeated by Lyght, Astra, and Mako, turning completely into space dust, his heart banished to Kingdom Hearts.


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