The Dark Wastelands

The Dark Wastelands are a splinter piece of End of The World. It is where mortal and Non-Darkspawn villains are usually banished to whenever they have committed a crime far greater than murder against the worlds, and if they are captured without being killed, already in an intermediate prison, haven't reformed by any means, or in any number of the forementioned, they are sent here. Almost like End of the World, The Wastelands were created when many worlds were destroyed by Chernabog and the Heartless during the First Cartoonian War and was originally going to be their version of the Banished Realms for their enemies to be imprisoned in until a battle against them left it unfinished. It's what's left of the worlds as a large, desolate desert world filled to the brim with Heartless and Goons patrolling the area's borders. The most infamous inmates of the Dark Wastelands include Fenghuang, thereby meaning that the Dark Wastelands are what they referred to as Oblivion. It is very difficult for a prisoner to escape this realm without assistance. It is extremely isolated in it's existence.
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