The Griffins of Light, thanks to the Dragmites and Braanx benifiting from an reality altering stone, have disbanned thanks to the formerly loyalist members deciding that maybe it is better to accept the universe as it is and not what the Pathway of Peace promises, and abandons Falconnerd. However, still processing Zonazra, Falconnerd doesn't care in the slightist. Zonazra cyrpticly reveils that sometime soon, Falconnerd will enact the Pathway of Peace all by himself, when he one day gathers himself a forsakened High Council Robot army known as The Automatrons of Light, and the only way to find them is to contain 6 sacred talesments of High Council origin hidden in the most obscured of worlds. His first key talesment is The Sword of Peace, contained in the planet of fire. The Lougers must do what they can to keep Falconnerd from getting this talesment at all costs!

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