Falconerd is still trying to enact the Pathway of Peace without the lougers. He and his cult are now trying to speak postive benifits of living in the world under the creation of "The Pathway of Peace" to convert more people, even non-griffins, to join their cult to have number power over the lougers. When Celestia is concerned that Falconerd is up to some tricks that could desistate against the ways of balence, she contacts the lougers to find a way to discredit the Griffins of Light to be no better then any villain. The Lougers desided that tackling this directly would be too risky and dangerious, not to mention it would lead to controverseal grounds. So, Trixie, turned into a Blue Trixie colored griffin, and Gilda in a altered hair-sytile, (well, feather sytile), to go undercover as new members of the cult to secretly discourage newbies about giving true loyalty to Falconerd and reveil him as the disbalencing maniac he is, and insist that villains may not often be any better, but the impourence of balence outwaights the promise of a "perfect future", and are pretty much successful and word has spread that the griffins of light are nothing but balence hating maniacs! But eventally, Falconerd catches Trixie and Gilda when he places two and two togather, and plans to exicute them with an abandoned High Council Exicuting machanical bull dubbed as The Light Tarus, an anichent anti-darkness weapon thought to be lost during the first cartoonian war. But this will only further prove that the Griffins of Light are nothing but hypocritical maniacs, and Fu-Xi, The Penguins, Viper, and Oscar, Buck, Harchi and Popy, are gonna see to it.

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