Darla Dimple

Darla Dimple

Darla Dimple is the main villain from Cat's Don't Dance, and a member of the Villain League. - she is a parody of child-stars such as Shirley Temple and is waited upon by her large man-servant called Max: much of Darla's intimidation comes from Max and his inhuman strength and willingness to harm others in her defense.

Darla Dimple makes an effort to appear sweet and kind when in public but is in reality a spoiled, mean and ultimately psychotic villain who has no qualms about exacting unjust vengeance on anyone she feels has wronged her. Darla is also a menace to her staff and underlings - to the point they try everything to keep her happy, due probably to her being their main star plus the fact nobody wants to risk invoking her wrath and having the dreaded Max to deal with: this is easier said than done however as Darla has a very bad temper and hates animals.

The hero of Cats Don't Dance, a young tomcat by the name of Danny, learnt this the hard way when he accidentally offended Darla by overstepping his place and attempting to sing - Darla was infuriated at this and went into a temper tantrum that climaxed in her calling in Max, who proceeded to grab Danny and intimidate him. However Danny wouldn't give up his dreams and this inevitably put him into conflict with Darla again - at the end of the movie Darla's own temper got the better off her when she exposed herself as the spoilt monster she truly was to the entire audience when, after a failed attempted at saboatge, she yelled at Danny that she should of drowned him when she flooded the stage, unaware a microphone was currently attached to her head (due to her falling down a trapdoor and becoming entangled in wires and stage-props).

Darla was promptly dropped back into the trapdoor and fell to an unknown fate, yelling for Max - but her trusted man-servant was unable to aid her as he had already been sent flying away by Danny during a previous battle on a rooftop: though the scene briefly switches to Max, still stuck on the balloon, flying over France and replying to Darla's yell with "Qui, Miss Dimple".

Role in the series

Darla Dimple reprises her role from the film, but also being aided by Fagin and Ratigan to help her destroy the Shell Louge Squad. however, the sence where she floods the stage is removed, cause of Fidget interfearing, and cause Scroopfan felt it wasn't fair for the shell louge squad to be hated for a crime they did not commit.

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