Darwin KL0
Darwin KL0
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species Nefarious Trooper
Faction Electross the Reviver
Description Worrisome, Determined, Bold, Respectful, Concerned
Skills and Abilities Nefarious Trooper Abilities
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Badlands (Initally)
  • Hayfiled 64 (Currently Along with Other Robots and Electross)
Alignment Good

Darwin KL0 is chief scouting leader and second hand man of Electross the Reviver. Darwin was among the destroyed Nefarious Troopers from The REAL Best Night Ever. Electross felt bad for Darwin not exactly being among the recovered Nerfarious Troopers due to be mistaken of being "unfixable", which Electross proved wrong. He became close to Electross like a brother and keeps the order in the ranks of robots that Electross cares and protacts. He is also tecnecally the uncle of Trisha V19 and Bradly K89. While Darwin supports Electross with honor and valor, he has an ever unpleasent feeling that Electross's ambitions for a lost jewel may not be going as smoothly as he wants to believe, espeically since it involves the same heroes that harmed many of Darwin's kind, but Darwin has enough respect for Electross that he keeps concerns and opinions to himself, unlike Bradly, and always is able to reason Bradly out of many a misguided attempt to walk out of it or worse... Usually.

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