Another USRA and UIS summit is in full swing over a planet called Cycleon, which is a former rogue planet that lost it's home star and thus the magical Magelian inhabitants pulled in a new sun and made a new moon from an asteroid, pulling them around the world globally on walking temples. And though things initionally started smooth enough, an arriving messinger with a warning soured things rather quickly. UIS is flipping out that a known anti-UIS terror group, known as The De-Isolation Party, spear-headed by the Naurodan Clantus Plantus, have been discovered to have rescued Worm McSinep and other of UIS' personal adversaries, thus the Lougers aim to go after the De-Isolation Party, espeically when Clantus plans to revive a weapon once considered long destroyed by UIS: Meteor Missles, and that he would do so with a "Powerful Ally" in a surprising place, a contested planet in Cycleon. A vastly alien planet and former rogue planet with no sun since it's old one died out. Thus with a dysfunctional planetary cycle, the natives pulled in a new sun and carved an asteroid into a new moon, and literally have to pull the sun and moon around the planet to have a celestial cycle. Keep in mind that this is a magilo enfluenced world, so don't worry about logic concerns like them being able to do that stuff. The Celestial bodies are pulled by massive creatures, a sunstone golum for day, and a nocturnal giantic beast for night. This world is based on the move Mune as well as it's native beings and fauna. The world however, is being contested by the USRA and UIS trying to get the world to side with one of them. The Day faver the USRA while the Night favors UIS, but the natives of the Cycleon maintain peace reguardless, as to them, the whole USRA and UIS thing is just abunch of hype. The Lougers and the HA, being forcefully paired with Vrex, King Buuull and other UIS security forces and their contrastingly aggressive methods, the Misfits end up finding themselves intertwined with the planet's own rising conflict amid of looking for the De-Isolation Party. The retiring Cycle Guardians had picked a most unlikely canadate, a well-intentioned but sort've bumbling native dream-weaving creature known as Muli, who has not exactly quickly befriended a rock-skinned being famously known as Sarnah, due to the fact Muli was favored more then the initional canadate, Luyon, but on Muli's first day, Clantus and some of the liberated UIS adversaries savatoshed Muli's first day and stolen the moon, while Clantus' secret Hell Realm Denizens managed to steal the sun, and had managed to frame this as the fault of UIS and/or the incompidence of Muli. Now, the heroes must work with the two new guardians, along with a female being of wax named S'wax, to get the sun and moon back from the De-Isolation Party and Clantus' treacherious new ally, a rogue former guardian called Suunbuuran.

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