Dawn of the Eco Sages

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Some trouble is cooking up once again in the world of Jak & Daxter. When the Lodgers come by to watch Jak compete in another race, this time competing against the reformed Kagen, they learn that Keira is starting to do well in her training as an Eco Sage, as she has started manifesting in it. However, something strange occurs one day. Keira ends up with new abilities as she too can absorb all kinds of eco spontaneously like Jak. Samos assures that something like this is natural for a learner as Jak probably went through that during his younger years in the past. But later, these powers seem to get worse as Keira starts to get out of control. So the Lodgers offer to help her control these powers by travelling their worlds for the strongest Eco Sages in order to help her. After being trained all her life to handle Green Eco thanks to her father, the heroes take Keira to meet the current Red Eco Sage Redmon the Red, the current Blue Eco Sage Demitri the Blue, and the current Yellow Eco Sage Yellsend the Yellow. Little do they know that there is a new threat in the form of a new sage of Dark Eco named Dargo the Dark, who seeks to use stolen Dark Maker technology salvaged from Jak's adventures to stop Errol in Jak 3 to create a machine that can create efficient warriors out of experimented-on Metal Heads and become a Dark Maker himself, soon to rule the world with his army. But first, he needed to find a learning sage in order to have someone to harness all 4 primary color types and have a steady supply. So he chose Keira since her power was starting to manifest, and thus he secretly had her exposed to all 4 primary eco colors and accelerate her potential. Now his plan is coming into fruition as the Lodgers, Jak and Daxter take her to visit the strongest Eco Sages of Jak's world in order to balance out Keira's problem. Will they be successful, and will they stop Dargo with the help of his own enlightened light eco sage sister, Sella the Light?
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