Davy Carl Monroe
Dead-Eye Monroe
Vital statistics
Title Dead-Eye Monroe
Gender Male
Race/Species Emperor Scorpion (Pandinus imperator)
Faction Independent, Criminal Sanchez (Future)
Description Greedy, Crude, Mean, Obscene, Cheap, Not Always Very Bright
Skills and Abilities Natural Scorpion Abilities, Chaingun Tail
Status Still at Large
Location Pastoon

Dodge City (Hometown and Current Residence)

Alignment Stupid Evil

Davy 'Dead-Eye' C. Monroe is a known scorpion outlaw of Dodge City, Pastoon wanted for smuggling, vandalism, gambling, and illegal drug posession. He eventually injected these drugs into his stinger, and stung people with it, giving them the effects of the drugs. For that, he had his tail cut off by Sheriff Garrot. But he suddenly came across a cybernetic scorpion tail armed with a chaingun from an abandoned facility once owned by Alister, and he made it his new tail. Then he was back to being the dirty criminal he once was. He eventually got hired by Ambassador Higgins to aid him in his water scheme. normally, he is normally brillient, but somewhat tends to have short-comings, like only stealing one coin from the bank to one day afford Geico insurence.


Davy was born on Pastoon as the son of a father who was arrested for smuggling cocaine and meth throughout the planet. His mother got a divorce when she found out, and raised Davy and his 7 siblings herself. When he reached maturity, Davy came across one of his father's old cocaine packs, and grew an addiction to it. While he got the job as a bartender in a saloon, he was secretly commiting crimes by injecting drugs into people's skin by putting them into his tail, and stinging them. People in Dodge City began getting weird and cracked since Davy's crimes started.

However, a year later, Sheriff Garrot discovered his secret drug smuggling operations, cut off his tail, and sent him to jail for his crimes. However, years later, Davy escaped, and fled Dodge City, soon discovering an abandoned CyberCon factory once owned by Alister. There, he discovered a prosthetic scorpion tail equipped with a stinger and a chaingun. He attached the prosthetic onto himself, and continued his crime spree with his new associates, the Turkey-Neck Bros. He eventually got hired by Ambassador Higgins to help him improve Dodge City's community for someone unknown.

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