Neptunium Dead Sea
Dead Sea
Vital statistics
Title Dead Sea
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Snake-Based Merpony
Faction Independent Villain (Former Self)
Description Sadistic, Neglected, Lustful, Vengeful, Mean, Cruel, Manipulative, Greedy, Sociopathic (Former Self)
Skills and Abilities High Level of Magic, Venomous Fangs
Status Child Regression
Location Equestria
Alignment Reformed (Via Life Reset)

Neptunium Dead Sea is a Merpony/sea snake hybreed who is the head of the Equantican Council. He tends to be very rude and stubborn, even at Equantica's leader, Queen Oceanious Typhoonica. Due to the Trident of Benevolence's absence, he's grown more mean and stubborn, and is thirsty for power. He even falls in love with Fluttershy and wants to make her queen of Equantica. he also out-sizes everyone in Eqlantica but the sea alicorns, though his pony body is small, the snake part is rather large. a dark combination of being abused by his parents and Discord's curse has molded him into a complete mental disorder and the thinking of a scoiopath at it's worse. He has much of an Alan Rickman voice and a wicked personality, but as of Equantica being rescued by Fluttershy, and him being regressed to a baby to be raised better after having a lustful attraction to her, upon a few years, when he gets old enough to talk, he starts falling in love with her again after another visit from her, yet not in a way he used to before.


Dead Sea was born in Equantica with physically abusive parents, who didn't want their baby to be a boy, but to be a girl. Because of this, Dead Sea's parents are abusive to their son even when he was a baby. So, in order to keep Dead Sea from being abused until his maturity, he was temporarily raised by Queen Oceanious and her husband. But they got overwhelmed of raising another child (Especially with the 3 others they had), and returned Dead Sea to his parents when he was 10 years old.

During the time he was almost 13, Oceanious and her husband were going to ban Dead Sea's parents from the city after years of continuing their child abuse. So, they left Equantica to join the land ponies, leaving Dead Sea behind.

Dead Sea's tragic life began after he was consumed by his urge to find his parents and make them pay, making him a complete sociopath. He was further raised by Queen Oceanious and her husband in their kingdom. They couldn't make Dead Sea a prince due to him not being royalty, so the only job they had to offer him was a lead in the Equantican Council. Using this power, he began getting more corrupt, and thirsty for power.

But his cruelty was only beginning. When Discord's curse happened, he became worse, when Eqlantica ended up in another world (desteny islands) and blames the guards for not capturing discord reguardless of him not being in the transported world. Then Dead Sea summoned Captain Taiklar Blackheart, made him attack Equantica, killed Oceanious' husband, and stole the Trident of Benevolence, the Purple Sea Dragon began to chase him. He survived the battle with Taiklar, but the real reason he died was Dead Sea, who bit him, leaving his venom to kill him quickly. This was witnessed by close friends, and he wiped out their memory, and lied, blaming his friend, Narwhus, for the crime. Narwhus was then ostracized from Equantica. Dead Sea may've been lucky, but when someone comes to save Equantica, will he succeed again?

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