Deadly Nadder

The Deadly Nadder is one of the most beautiful species of dragon. (possably in skales, facial, it's no different from the other dragons)


In appearance, the Deadly Nadder is very bird-like: it is bipedal and possesses winged forelimbs. Its small yet keen eyes, equipped with binocular vision, are one of the tools it uses to stalk its targets. Its body is a vivid blue in color, with a light beige underbelly, while its wings are motted with yellow, orange and blue. In front of its eyes is its curved nasal horn, which is often used to batter opponents. Coating the tail is a series of spikes that can inject venom into a target. When relaxed, its venomous tail spikes lay flat, and when alarmed, they are shot upward to intimidate its foe. They can also be used to make a rattling noise which it makes right before it attacks, similar to rattlesnakes.


In terms of behavior, the Deadly Nadder is fast and dangerous, though its potency as a hunter is hindered by the blind spot directly above its nose (possibly due to its large horn). As a result, the dragon relies on its keen sense of smell, often instead of its binocular vision, in order to find its prey. The Deadly Nadder also has at its disposal its tail spikes, which are used as projectiles to stun or immobilize its prey. Its most devastating trait, however, may well be its ability to blow magnesium-fueled flames, which can easily melt metal. The Deadly Nadder is also well-known for its vanity; it constantly grooms itself to stay clean and maintain the luster of its scales. Like the Night Fury, the Deadly Nadder is a picky eater whose diet comprises mostly poultry. Unlike most other dragon species, however, it does not prey upon livestock, which causes it to become ill. Aside from the deadly predatorial characteristics, its behavior is similar to that of a chicken.


The official Website describes Deadly Nadder as follows: "One of the most beautiful dragons in the world is the DEADLY NADDER. It is easily recognized by the bright blue body and brilliant yellow spikes that cover it head to tail. This colorful dragon is active any time of the day or night. Nadders are quick and agile in the air and can fly for long distances, but will almost always land before attacking. Nadders travel and raid in groups, making them especially dangerous. The Deadly Nadder isn't the largest or fastest dragon, but it possesses the hottest fire in the dragon world. The blast of a Nadder can melt steel, or turn a man to ash in seconds. But the dangers of the Nadder don't stop there. The tail of the Nadder can be whipped around, releasing a volley of giant spikes that can penetrate trees, walls, and Vikings."[4]

"A tropically hued fellow who is nastier than he looks. "He or she has raptor-liked tendencies and is very alert," DeBlois says. "He or she is also highly curious and aggressive." The Nadder can attack in two ways: Breathing a super-hot fire made of pure magnesium across hundreds of yards, or shooting off spikes from its tail."[5]

In the Book[4]Edit

During his initiation test in How to Train Your Dragon, Fishlegs tries to capture a Deadly Nadder, but wakes up the entire cave of dragons, forcing the Vikings to flee for their lives. In How To Be A Pirate, a juvenile Deadly Nadder is wandering in the Caliban Caves crying for its mother. However, this dragon is eaten shortly after by the Monstrous Strangulator.

In the Film[5]Edit

The Deadly Nadder is one of the dragons the students fight during Dragon Training. The teenagers learn how to stay in the dragon's blind spot when it first appears in training in a wooden maze. The dragon is seen laughing at Snotlout's pathetic attempt to hit it with a mace and is driven off when Astrid hits it with an axe stuck inside a shield. Hiccup later learns from experience with Toothless that dragons can be seduced by scratching them gently on the side of the neck and the chin. He uses this to put a Deadly Nadder t[6]Astrid riding on her Deadly NadderAdded by Joannes Paulus Blancarte Diaz

of sleep in a subsequent encounter. Astrid is seen to have found an ally in the Deadly Nadder used in their training; she fights with it during the battle with the Red Death and is seen riding it, presumably as her pet, there after.

Role in the series

A deadly nadder appears in the series as Asrtid's mount.

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