Keshawn Murphy Asperger
Vital statistics
Title Deadmemory
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Pitch Black and King Sombra
Description Mentally Unstable, Mean, Sadistic, Murderous, Vengeful, Manipulative
Skills and Abilities High Levels of Black Magic
Status Still at Large
Location Wizard World (Homeworld)

(Current Location Unknown)

Alignment Evil

Keshawn M. Asperger, AKA Deadmemory, is a sorceror with a master's degree in black magic. He was infamous for being a pawn of Pitch Black and King Sombra and for his unfathomable degree of black magic spells, including a curse that makes his victim's worst fears come alive in their minds, rendering them powerless to fight, giving him his name. He was a victim of a strict wizard land where only wizards were permitted and trespassers were executed. When this happened to his parents, he was darkened by revenge and black magic. But despite this, he was punished for attempting to murder the wizards that killed his parents, and was exiled to a chaotic banishment site, only to meet Pitch Black and King Sombra.


Keshawn was born in a world where wizardry became very famous. However, the wizards there were very strict, and many wizard worlds were strict. Only wizards were permitted inside the cities, whereas trespassers were killed. Keshawn's parents decided to visit one of them, only to lead to their deaths. Feeling vengeful, Keshawn swore he would gain the power to kill the wizards that killed his parents.

But when he made his choice, he chose the wrong power: black magic, which was the most powerful of any magic in the UUniverses, and has been known to cause many wizard deaths. Keshawn attends a secret black magic school where he studies hundreds of black magic spells. But once he reached his next spell, he had visions. According to black magic customs, once a black magic user gains enough power, they shall gain visions of the future that awaits them if they used it for their own nefarious purposes. Keshawn saw that his actions would cost him his relationship with his adoptive parents, who would kick him out of his own house, and warn him not to come back or they would call Wizard Authorities. And furthermore, he would no longer be trusted, he would lose his friends, he would lose his magic powers, be banished from his homeworld, and exiled to a world of chaos where his life would forever be miserable.

Not wanting this to happen, Keshawn decided to make sure to kill the wizards in isolation. However, his luck wasn't favorable thanks to invisible magic spy hawks. Soon, the Wizard Authorities found out, and arrested Keshawn before he could even get to the first wizard. He was captured, and he was indeed punished. He lost his friends and adoptive parents, he was stripped of his magic powers, he was banished from his homeworld, and exiled to the chaos world in misery.

For years, he grew depressed during his exile. But that was when he met Pitch Black and King Sombra, two dark magic users who agrees with Keshawn's intentions, and thought it really sucks for Kesy. They give him back his magic powers, and recruit him as one of their own, calling him Deadmemory.

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