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Death Coffin
Death Coffin.png
Vital statistics
Title Alicorn God of Death
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Natural Alicorn
Faction Independent
Description Necromorphic Form, Distrust of Mortals Doing God Work, Rude, Ill-Tempered, Ancient Dialect And Speech, Determined, Hard And Stoic On The Outside, Overly-Sensitive And Inscure On The Inside
Skills and Abilities Natural Alicorn Abilities, Necromorphic Magic
Status Residing With Fluttershy
Location Equestria
  • Equestrian Underworld (Formerly)
  • Fluttershy's Cottage (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed Good

Death Coffin is the Alicorn "God of Death", and was the second head death god after the corruption of the feared and deadly Mortuus, and is what is viewed as "The Master of the The Gloom Reaper" and one of the fallen gods of the Alicorns that fought in the fear wars. Death Coffin regulates all the deaths in Equestia, assisted by the Gloom Reaper, and can decide what can of fate awaits the departed. He also has Equestian versons of The Fates called The Sisters of Destiny that inform him of new life, it's legacy, and when it is time for it's soul to be judged. Dispite this, Death Coffin does not enjoy his fate at all, becoming a near clone of his Gloom Reaper servent and being an afront to the alicorn race. But he hates it most of all, that he is part of a partically dead race, save for survivers like King NightusQueen HeavenslightPrincess Celestia and LunaPrincess Cadance, and recently, Twilight Sparkle. He wanted to be able to restore the alicorn race at any cost, and also restore what he had lost so he can no longer be compairable to his servent the Gloom Reaper. Then, he was given a vision malmitulated by The Architect that he can restore his race by going after the keyhole of Equestia and use the power of the heartless to restore what was lost. So, togather with his minions, Injury and Fear, the cousins of Pain and Panic, and two seekers of the promise of immortality, Cheepers, the sofisicated cousin of Creeper and Grimmer, and A Djon-like Dog Goblin known as Dog-John, to steal some Plunderweed seeds and find the keyhole, reserect Jing Du and Ding Ju, to use said seeds and the souls of the dead to create and unlease The Equestia Heartless. Since he went into retirement following his defeat, he lives with Fluttershy while the Underworld is currently run by the Thestral ruler and relative of the Gloom Reaper itself Lord Purgatory.


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  • "No sacrivice is too great for restoring the Alicorns."