Amos Johnny Deadbeak
Death Hawk
Vital statistics
Title Death Hawk
Gender Male
Race/Species Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)
Faction Independent Criminal
Description Sadistic, Diet for Snakes, Snake-Killer, Murderous, Cunning, Deadly, Mean
Skills and Abilities Natural Hawk Abilities
Status Imprisoned in Prison 42
Location Pastoon (Homeworld)

Prison 42 (Current Residence)

Alignment Evil

Amos J. Deadbeak, AKA Death Hawk, is a red-tailed hawk from Pastoon. He is renowned as a fearsome outlaw who has been responsible for the murder and consumption of several people, mainly rattlesnakes, on Pastoon. In fact, he had some tie-ins with the Extinctioner, the outlaw that murdered the parents of Hypnorattle, and actually inspired him to murder any rattlesnake on sight following the death of his family in the coils of one, technically meaning that he was the one to blame. But after all these years, Death Hawk didn't expect that Hypnorattle, whom he has been trying to hunt down for years, would reform and come all this way into fitting in. His time with Hypnorattle would eventually come, though he remains unaware that Hypnorattle himself was a victim to him long ago. His exact origins are unclear, but there's commen rumors that he was a victim of a romance soured by an imfamous outlaw who had his unsentient pet rattlesnake killed his love interest because she was an indian coyate and because coyate discrimination was in an ugly swing at the time, where he failed to save her life due to Pastoon's joke of a medical system. Cause of it, as the rumors go, he would fall into the path of his outlaw father and became what he is now.


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