Decepta the Temptress

Decepta Sallie DeVile

Decepta S. DeVile the Temptress is a female Mothron with an unquestionable and virtually unrivaled mastery of malmitulation of even beings of the strongest wills and a master of all forms of malmitulation, even flirting malmitulation, and being pansexual in nature, she is able to woo just about anyone reguardless of preferences. Decepta grew up a very wanting and demanding child that basicly enslaved her own family and turned them into near tireless worker ants and she was a bratty queen. When she grew up, though maturer, it doesn't mean she became better, as cause she was so malmitulative in early life that she is able to have even fellow Mothrons treat her like an un-initsiated high-ranker. Even Nobles and Royal Members were turned into laborers for her personal desires. This pissed off the Mothron Emperor, who, in expecting a potaintional usurper that could risk displeasing greater forces, went to confront Decepta. Decepta tried to flirt her way into becoming the new empress and tried to charm the Emperor, but she didn't counted on the Mothron Emperor having an iron will and a surprisingly honorable devotion to the one true Mothron Empress, and had proptly exiled her! Disgruntled Obscuro had kicked her out and finding herself an easy target for Lightfly arrest, she found herself becoming one of The Five Pariahs in hoping they would give her a new oppertunity at power. And she well did when she was assigned to Monstropolis in the early days before they started to gain power. Decepta, mastering shape-shifting, turned herself into the same race as the Birther Race Monsters and came to the early monster civilisations. She introdused Mothron Portal Tecknowagey that would become the door portals that allow enterence into human homes across the United Universes, and introdused the power of scare energy which offers tecnological power, of which rendered her president of the new age of monsters. She advanced the world to what it had become today, a modern socity where everything is dependent on scare energy, whilst making sure detractors were rendered pariahs for trying to offer something better. She malmitulated places like Monsters Inc and ensured to gain heavy enfluence on company leaders to prevent them from rebeling against her standerds, espeically to Mr. Waternoose. As such, all this is beyond just giving her personal luxery, though it is reckitnesed as a personal bonus, but it is also to reduse the world's purity of Compassion by having a socity dependent of Screams. She even went as far to ensure her power is stable by tricking the monsters into believing that children were toxic, which went as far as lead to the rise of an organisation that destroys items accsidently brought to their world. But when the events of the first movie happened, that made Decepta be placed on edge, because now her power was in danger of destablising, thus now aims to try and discourage Laughter as much as possable, not just to secure the Pariahs plan, as also to avoid losing control as she fears this after her rough encounter with the Mothron Emperor. She's among the rare nimble and actrobaticly active Female Mothrons, let alone the entire race. Though she eventually has to deal with the ones who undid all that including Madam Therium, Sully, Mike, Boo (Who is now 20), and the Lodgers.
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