The Desert of Klugetown suddenly turned into a winter wonderland thanks to the return of a VERY embittered former friend of the town's founder who warned him about how dangerious the Kingpin was but failed, the new king of ice magic penguins of the frozen North, King Charlatan, who is basicly going Lord Shen on everyone and has threaten to unveil and use a powerful Nuke-like weapon capable to cast the entire world into a new ice age so the world will be easy for his frozen creature army to claim all the land for him without the inconvinece of the climent being warmer then the frozen north. Not unlike the G1 counterpart, he has a son he does care for very much, and our heroes intent to smack some sense into Charlatan through his son, however, Charlatan's treacherious right-hand Walrus man, Daggermouth, plans to quietly dispose of Charlatan's son and frame the Klugetown Founder for it to make sure Charlatan stays on track. Can our heroes stop Daggermouth from making sure Charlatan stays on course?

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