Seon de Faults
Vital statistics
Title Defaulter
Gender Male
Race/Species Greater Monacosaur (Monacosaurus major)
Faction Chaos Incorporated
Description Mean, Twisted, Versatile, Rough, Brutal, Often-Abusive, Insulting, Hostile, Apparently Against Bilge Units, Manipulative, Tactical Brilliance
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Armatage-Huncus Equipment, Durable, Smart
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Locoa Vegas, Cruiter (Eta Universe, Ranatos Sector, Boasar System) (Hometown)
  • Heightened City, Jinter (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Previous Base of Operations)
  • Dividing Heights, Jinter (Current Base of Operations)
Alignment Evil

Seon de Faults, AKA Defaulter, is an Alternate UUniversal Monacosaur from Planet Cruiter. He is a golden-frilled dinosaur bandit lord who works for an underground-wide business called Chaos Incorporated, which started out as casino-owning corporate raiders that evolved and started profiting on disaster itself, existing since the Great Stagnation, though some argued that it's so called "Great Stagnation Origins" could be a front as there's claims that they have been around longer then even before the Stagnation and that it's existence is just a convinent way to confuse people to secure their true origins in meaning to prevent a proper understanding (And there for, prevent a proper dispanion that the organisation wouldn't be able to recover from). de Faults was among those to work for them, and currently lives undercover in the Beofynzeny System on Jinter, within Divided Heights, an elevated desert valley full of massive heights and stands over 9,000ft in the air, and constantly steals from both Armatage and Huncus to better his secret Chaos Inc. membership disguised as a bandit empire. He posed as an unfortunate victim of the distant and preferred-to-be-unmentioned 31L6E Revolution where all the funny robots were sabotaged by a particularly-mean "31L6E" unit, or at least was mistaken to be one, named 3UR63-455, or 'Burge', one of the discontinued brother projects created by the 31L6E units' creator, Doctor De Bray to act as part-steward and part-guardian, and thus have on and off programming of protection and security. He was the one who turned Burge evil by being one of the custamers of pre-revolution shooting range (Anomamously) and shot him badly enough that it broke the morality switch. He lied about Burge's revolution killing de Fault's family as his single father was only a secret benefactor for Chaos Inc., and disguises his campaign as a surviving bandit regime that continues to carry on this career after the revolution came to a halt, and the 31L6E Units made an apology campaign. When the first revolution was a bust, Faults then went into convincing Burge that he could bring back De Bray and achieve his goal of a robot utopia as a plan B when he was gonna originally dump the idea of revolutions after the first outing went bad, (Also Anomamously), and used his revolutions to allow Chaos Inc. to profit widely from the chaos. He is an AUU parallel to Borderlands D-Fault (DLC Boss), and is just as cunning, powerful, and deadly, and with an original twist.


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  • "(Cackles as he lands with a loud thud)... We are among the many survivors of the dreaded robot apocalypse caused by those FILTHY Bilge units! So now, we fear nothing! Especially little s***s like you! Now git off my land or prepare to default on your life, terd-lickers!"
  • "(Bilge Unit: Great to see you!)... Shut *BANG* UP!" (Bilge: AH!)
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