Kanen Goter DeFilus
Vital statistics
Title Defilus
Gender Male
Race/Species Rabodan
Faction The Qixsodus Guild
Description Arrogant, Determined, Stubborn, Marred By Ego
Skills and Abilities Adequate Training With A Plasma Saber, Rocket Boots
Status (TBA)
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Claritera (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Wertyu System) (Homeworld)
  • Qio (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Qiiu System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Kanen G. DeFilus is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan from Planet Claritera. He is a USRA advocate who aims to spread USRA influence to the powerful planet of Qio, where Xirya Prime influence had been spread to, and managed to avoid UIS scrutanity because the natives believe in staying out of politics, espeically if it concerns the USRA and UIS, and thus provided if it stays that way, they'll be let be, and are known for Jedi-like knights called Qi-Warriors, who use Gex, an AUU variant of ki or chi, and wield lightsabers called plasmords. However, Defilus' presence is more or less viewed as a near violation of this agreement, because he is an adopted son of the group's high elder who had sympathy for him cause he was found as a baby on the temple grounds, likely abandoned by Rabodans that once had residence on the planet before they were subugated to deportation for being USRA races. Thus, the elders took pity on him and brought him into training. However, he was tainted to be an USRA nut thanks to Worm McSinep and Terminus arriving to the planet once and revealed his meaning behind being here. Thus, in thanks to a High Elder incapable to drop his sympathy, Defilus is on the path of being in a very high rank of Qi Warrior and be made the most enfluenceal, risking making it look like the planet is being USRAised, ergo risking negitive UIS reaction that would aim to go Order-66 on their asses to prevent a USRA uprising in those isolated systems, along with Defilus being among the most highly targeted USRA beings in isolated systems, even more when Worm and Terminus. However he had a beautiful Rabodan scientist assistant named Doctor Dox, who made a biomechanical bodyguard named Geno, who joins traitorous Qi-Warriors, named The Qisodius Guild, into taking over the AUU by influencing the others into their plans, as well as Defilus. However, apart from the one elder, he is not exactly popular with the other High Elders for bring politics to a neutrol planet and risking their presence BECAUSE of said politics, but they are unable to get rid of him cause the one elder can't agree to it and the council wants to make a unamimous decision then settle for a majority agreement due to complicated traditions of avoiding desenters. He's also not popular with other students dispite being the adopted son of an elder, heck, sometimes BECAUSE he's a son of an elder, often because of his risky politics, Defilus' smug attatude being improper for a Qi Warrior, and the general fact they believe he's of questionable nature, espeically now-a-days when he is rumored to be seeing shady characters connected to a usurpsion attempt. But the chief reason is because he is a stern rival of a young Zeapent and another High Elder adopted soon Qi-Warrior named Destinon, and his two best friends in a Sassy Native Mantis Shrimp AUUian named Jumbia and a cowerdly rookie Qi-Warrior Vulture-Head Gorilla named Scare Dee Cowardo, where the trio get into conflict with Defilus at every step like something out of high school druma.

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