Delilah Song
Vital statistics
Title The Hottest Pony In Equestria
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn
Faction Mind-Warped Slave to The Drama Queen
Description Mind-Warped But Possible To Reverse, Servitude to Drama Queen, Beautiful, Appealing, As Dramatic As Rarity, Tragic
Skills and Abilities Natural Unicorn Magic, Acrobatic, Seductive, Martial Arts, Deceptive, Strategic, Cunning, Good At Escapes, Inspiration Manifestation Magic, Hypnotist
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Manehatten (Hometown)
Alignment Mind-Warped Soul
Delilah Song is an Equestrian Unicorn who hails from Manehatten, and was an excellent pop-star, fashion model, acrobat, actress, dancer, and physically-fit role model. Being recognized as the most attractive and beautiful pony in Equestria, she had been as well-known as Countess Coloratura and Songbird Serenade, being a good role-model for fillies, and had over 18 husbands and 20 children, but she felt she wanted more. That's when The Drama Queen came in and cheated her by offering her popularity by giving her Inspiration Manifestation magic that turned her insane, and thus it destroyed her career, as nobody wanted anything to do with her again, and she ended up as Drama Queen's eternal servant for her in her pocket dimensional Sweat Shop, which is so beautiful, anyone who enters will never want to leave. Delilah ended up here for so long, she became permanently affected, but could still be cured. But she is just too quick and tough to stand still for a quick spell, especially when in service to a monster like Drama Queen.


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