After stopping the Villain League from once again kidnapping Kairi, Ruber's Griffin ends up falling hopelessly fallen in love with Gilda. Though being told that she's taken, his evil nature wouldn't allow him to accept being ignored. Icky was angry at him for trying to hit on his girlfriend, and as a result, starts getting overprotective of Gilda. Gilda starts to get disturbed by the fact that Icky and Ruber's Griffin start fighting for the same thing. While the Villain League is amused by this, they decide that this could be an advantage to them since they now know that Gilda and Icky are together. So, they use the two's bigotry to kidnap Gilda, and after awarding Ruber's Griffin by injecting love potion into Gilda to make her fall in love with him, they are able to use what they know to bribe the Shell Lodgers into surrendering SpongeBob, Kairi, and Spyro for all the things they needed from them since the beginning. How will our heroes handle this?


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