Delux Von Robsky
Vital statistics
Title Commodore Delux
Gender Male
Race/Species Raye
Faction Leader of The Robonauts
Description Robotic Apathy, Cybernetic Right Arm, Brooding, Serious, Dark At Times
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Cybernetic Omnic Right Blaster Arm, Solar-Powered Energy Suit
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Welded City, Sumbell Lesser (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Sumbell System)
Alignment Mixed Good

Delux Von Robsky is an Alternate UUniversal Raye from Planet Sumbell Lesser. He is a lion-like cybernetic being and the proud leader of The Robonauts, a cybernetic team of peacekeepers in Union of Independent Systems territory of the Buexxer Sector. Hailing from a robopunk regime lead by Viction, a technophilic conqueror and former henchman of Doctor Iniquitous until seeing him as a joke and went out to do his plan better, he used to be his best soldier until he was forced to kill and roboticize his own wife to maintain loyalty, and couldn't do it. Viction thus killed her and almost roboticized him before he escaped. Swearing to avenge his wife, Delux rounded up childhood friends victimized by Viction and formed the Robonauts, who trapped Viction in the Sumbell System before he can escape in a plan to roboticize countless worlds through a self-defensive roboticizer station immediately destroyed by the barrier with help from The United Usurpation Force, becoming in between helpers of both them and UIS, not being on any one side believing neither one side was right or wrong as long as they do the right thing. They have been keeping Viction inside the Sumbell System until they stop him for good ever since. Delux is a serious leader whose loyalty to Viction left him to be apathetic to many things resulting in his bad reputation to the UIS. He is very tough with his omnic cybernetic blaster arm, and he can have some sense of care for the world around him but doesn't show much to prove that, only caring mostly for his friends and always tries to change the subject when his tragic past is brought up regardless of the consequences.


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